What We Do

  • SBA Loan Consulting

  • Packaging

  • Placement

  • Working Capital

  • Lines of Credit

Specializing in Business Acquisition Loans

Most lender field reps (BDOs) issue you a term sheet/proposal BEFORE submitting your loan request to their credit-decision makers, without knowing if it will be approved or not.

At BizLoanFunding, we do the exact opposite. We complete a thorough written loan request BEFORE submitting your loan request to the lender’s credit decision-maker(s) and then the lender’s credit decision-maker, who has reviewed an overview of your entire SBA loan request, will issue a pre-approval term sheet/proposal.

The result? You have a much better probability of getting your loan request approved. If your loan request ends up getting denied, we can immediately go to another lender without having to reapply. 

If your loan is between $500K and $10M, your lender pays, not you the borrower.

Let us help you get the money you need for your small business.