Online Application Assistance

Avoid Delays in the Processing of Your Small Business Loan

The small business loan process can be tedious and overwhelming with all the forms and paperwork that are required. More often than not, paperwork is submitted with missing information, which creates a delay in the processing of your loan.

To help avoid these types of delays BizLoanFunding has an online assistance program to help make sure all your i's are dotted and your t's are crossed.

Thanks to online meeting technology like Zoom, we are now able to assist our clients with the preparation of SBA forms, business plans and projections. Through screen sharing, we can complete the forms together to ensure nothing is missed. 

Fully Refundable Fee*

Traditionally, we would send you the forms to complete on your own, along with a list of information and documents needed. But, because our online assistance program requires more of our time, we do charge a fee -- a one-time, fully refundable fee of $2,500.00 payable via PayPal.

You will get a full refund within:

  • 30 days of the closing and full funding of your SBA loan request
  • 90 days after submission to the lenders if we cannot receive a term sheet from an SBA lender

You only forfeit the $2,500.00 if you cancel. More details on these terms can be found in our standard Consulting Agreement.

If you feel you will need assistance with the SBA loan application process, please complete this short form and we’ll send you our Consulting Agreement and a PayPal invoice.

Any questions, please call 234-200-7515.

*IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE: Most SBA lenders will ask for a $2,500 good faith deposit with their initial term sheet/proposal. While the $2,500 is “refundable” if the SBA lender is not able to approve your SBA loan request, IT IS NOT REFUNDABLE if your SBA loan request is approved. With, your $2,500 retainer to us is refundable to you whether your SBA loan request is approved and funded or not.