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Why Choose BizLoanFunding?

At BizLoanFunding, we use our expertise to provide consulting and placement services through our nationwide network of lenders. We can help you with the following business financing programs from the United States Small Business Administration (SBA):

  • SBA 7(a) Guaranteed Loans

  • SBA 504 Loans

What Clients Say

I have known Joe for 10+ years through my prior position as Assistant District Director of the Pittsburgh District of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as well as through my current position as Senior Vice President of Enterprise Bank...his application packages have all included a very detailed analysis of the loan request from both an SBA eligibility and creditworthiness perspective and have included substantial supporting documentation and exhibits, which has made it easy for us to quickly determine if it is a loan with which we can move forward...I would highly recommend Joe to any borrower that needs professional assistance in obtaining an SBA loan or any lender that may not be able to approve his or her client's loan request internally, but wants to provide them with other viable financing options.

David Milller
Senior Vice President
Enterprise Bank

I am very proud to recommend Joe Wojtowicz and BizLoanFunding for your lending facility needs. Joe was brought in to seek out an appropriate lender for our very tough-to-place deal by our local banking rep. There were multiple Trusts and lenders involved in the transaction and the requested facility amount was close to SBA limits. 

At the outset, Joe was very clear about his requirement that he receive all the necessary financial documents up front. By doing this he could make placement selections and lenders could start internal reviews without continual contact with Horizon's staff.

Joe also accompanied the lender for the on-site visit and stayed on top of the process from start to finish.

Nathaniel Eatman
Horizon Health Services, LLC

Building a company that provides phone and internet service to a 10,000-square-mile section of rural Northeast Michigan remains one of my proudest accomplishments. Putting the internet to work for me to find BizLoanFunding is one of my smartest...Through your expertise, you were able to connect us with a lender that worked hard to get to know us and then work so diligently to grant us a loan.

We never would have found the financing without you, and without that connection we'd be looking at a highly uncertain future regarding reliable phone and internet service throughout much or rural Northeast Michigan.

So I thank you. Our employees thank you. And on behalf of the thousands of businesses and residential customers, many of whom will see improved service from the system upgrades we'll now be able to perform, thank you once more.

Glenn A. Wilson, Sr.
Custom Software Inc.

Thank you for assisting me in obtaining my SBA loan. In today's current financial state, it is quite an accomplishment to borrow close to one million dollars. As you know, I originally hired another company to assist me and they were unable to accomplish the task.

Thanks to your help and the loan approval, DVC is poised to make a full financial recovery and to rebound from this recession stronger than ever.

James (Jad) Porter
DVC, Inc.

After two unsuccessful years of effort to secure refinancing for my Alley, I was advised by one uninterested lender to contact Joe. He was recommended as an experienced professional used to dealing with the financing wrinkles facing less conventional projects (such as bowling alleys). That banker felt Joe would be able to mine his extensive list of lenders to locate, better than I ever could, potentially interested lenders. Very fortunately I acted upon this good advice.

Despite applying many more hours than originally expected, Joe never wavered in his determination to fulfill his commitment to find financing. On an hourly basis he was dramatically underpaid for his time and success, but he completed the task for me without complaint. He was universally knowledgeable, positive, understanding  and supportive.

Michael T. Vey
Legend Lanes

After the attack on America on 9/11, nothing has been quite the same, including the economy. Nowhere is it more evident than in the recent relationships between business and banking. With the onset of so many failing banks, foreclosures, job loss and subsequent bailouts, the lending institutions were not as open to lending to struggling businesses.

After about a year of attempting to secure a loan through traditional methods, with no success, we were fortunate enough to have been referred to Joseph Wojtowicz and BizLoanFunding. What a 'breath of fresh air!'

His knowledge of the inner workings of the many lending institutions and Government loans was invaluable. Joe worked extremely diligently to put together a fully comprehensive package of our needs, and presented it to a number of private and public lenders. Within a few weeks, we had proposals and options to review. He personally too time to discuss the options, and has been active in every step of the process through the commitment letter from the bank we chose to proceed with, and beyond.

Joe's skills as a negotiator, and background in the lending arena, are nothing less than spectacular.

Susan L. Pyle
Essential Sealing Products, Inc.

Let's just say I can't thank you enough. My wife and I didn't think we were going to get our SBA loan approved after the first attempt was unsuccessful. You assured us that we will continue to look at other avenues.

You were instrumental in aligning our ambitions with the right lender. After 17 years in the military, you have helped us pursue our dreams of being business owners.

Edwin Colón Jr.
Trophy Sports Center

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